Experienced and highly skilled team for NHS and private hospitals environments

Norvic Healthcare have experienced registered Mental Health Nurses and Clinical Support Workers to support those experiencing mental health difficulties in both secured and unsecured environments. Some of our nurses are Community Practice Nurses, Nurse Team Leaders and Psychiatric Liaison Nurses and work closely with other professionals to ensure appropriate treatment and support are given including addressing individual's physical health issues. We also have nurses who specialise in clinical governance and work with hospital compliance teams.

Adaptable and compassionate team to support you in the community

We are passionate about enhancing your life and promoting your independence, enthusiastically supporting you to reach your goals. Our care workers are professionally trained in care and are able to provide support for a variety of complex conditions and needs.


We provide 1 to 1 care and support for individuals requiring continuing healthcare support and those with complex needs at a variety of care settings and in their own homes. As part of this service, we assist with risk assessment, care planning and documentation.


We also provide bed watch services at General and Community Hospitals.

We source only the best nurses for your care

Norvic Healthcare staff have been subject to our watertight procedure which is compliant with the framework requirements. All our staff go through a rigorous clinical governance interview as well as the additional checks required by the LPP framework. By applying our knowledge of legislation and regulatory guidelines such as the NHS Employers Standards and Care Quality Commission Essential Standards of Quality & Safety, we are committed to delivering a safe and high-quality service. At Norvic Healthcare, we pride ourselves on having high calibre staff and exceptional service 24/7, 365 days a year. Local hospitals in Norfolk and Suffolk benefit from our strong local presence which enables us to have a close working relationship with the hospitals temporary workers management teams.

Apply for our available vacancies for mental health services in Norfolk and Suffolk

We're always on the lookout for new members to join our team. If you believe you've got the high-quality skills, required dedication and exceptional client service that we're looking for, visit our vacancies page to find out why you should choose Norvic Healthcare and apply for the job role that suits your skills.